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Our article, Language teachers’ perceptions on the use of OER language processing technologies in MALL, has just been published on Computer Assisted Language Learning Journal, Taylor & Francis Online.

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Combined with the ubiquity and constant connectivity of mobile devices, and with innovative approaches such as Data-Driven Learning (DDL), Natural Language Processing Technologies (NLPTs) as Open Educational Resources (OERs) could become a powerful tool for language learning as they promote individual and personalized learning. Using a questionnaire that was answered by language teachers (n = 230) in Spain and the UK, this research explores the extent to which OER NLPTs are currently known and used in adult foreign language learning. Our results suggest that teachers’ familiarity and use of OER NLPTs are very low. Although online dictionaries, collocation dictionaries and spell checkers are widely known, NLPTs appear to be generally underused in foreign language teaching. It was found that teachers prefer computer-based environments over mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and that teachers’ qualification determines their familiarity with a wider range of OER NLPTs. This research offers insight into future applications of Language Processing Technologies as OERs in language learning.

KEYWORDS: Language learning, teachers’ perceptions, OER, MALL, natural language processing technologies, higher education

Language learning theories underpinning corpus-based pedagogy #cl2015


Lynne Flowerdew
Language learning theories underpinning corpus-based pedagogy

The noticing hypothesis (Schmidt)

Attention consciously drawn

Noticing linked to frequency counts

Implicit vs explicit learning

 Constructivist learning

Learners engage in discovery learning

Inductive learning

Cognitive skills, problem solving to understand new data

Widmann et al. 2011: the more possible starting points for exploitation, the more likely for different learners- SACODEYL project.

Sociocultural theory

What about language learning outside the classroom and incidental learning?


Digital natives and corpora in language learning #corpuslinguistics

For digital natives, “research” is more likely to mean a Google search than a trip to the library […] it remains to be seen how corpus resources co-exist with online services like Google and online distionaries and how learners’ search habits behave in both contexts (Pérez-Paredes et al. 2012:484).

Pérez-Paredes, P., Sánchez-Tornel, M., & Alcaraz Calero, J. M. (2012). Learners’ search patterns during corpus-based focus-on-form activities. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, 17(4), 483-516.

Some pics from the Enhancing and extending corpora and corpora tools for learning and teaching event

Séminaire mardi 27 mai 2014
Valoriser et développer les outils autour des corpus dans une perspective didactique / Enhancing and extending corpora and corpora tools for learning and teaching
Salle/Room 205 Site Rabelais, UJF Valence, France

The books

Enhancing and extending corpora and corpora tools for learning and teaching

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Boulton, A., Pascual Pérez-Paredes (2014) Researching uses of corpora for language teaching and learning Editorial Researching uses of corpora for language teaching and learning, 121-127. In ReCALL.

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Pérez-Paredes, P. María Sánchez-Tornel, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero (2012) Learners’ search patterns during corpus-based focus-on-form activities, 483-516. In International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 17 (4).

Viana, Zyngier & Barnbrook (2011). Perspectives on corpus linguistics. John Benjamins.

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