Ideology in corporate language

Ruth Breeze

Ideology in corporate language: discourse analysis using Wmatrix3

2013 Annual Reports from leading companies (16)  in financial services, mining, food and pharmaceutical

Parts: first part, non technical, discursive, visually interesting

Reference corpus: 1st BNC Sampler Business & BNC Informative texts but then only BNC Business

Use of semantic categories

Three case studies: size (big), time (begin) and casuse and effect

Size: Focus on growth, large, expanding, substantial. Not only adjectives are interesting here.


Ideology of cause and effect

Dynamic approach to time

Emphasis on size and importance

Salient semantic areas: investigation, tough, strong, attentive, jelp & give, in power, belonging to a group

Differences: only in domain/topic-focus, probably different stresses on newness and green economy