Discourse and persuasion 3.0: Identities in a hybrid and multimodal world

University of Zaragoza, TERUEL (24-27 September 2019)

In LD6, we set out to cast light on the intricacies of persuasive discourse and the manifold reactions it may engender in today’s globalised and multicultural societies. At the core of this endeavour is a genuine willingness and commitment to tease out the nature of persuasion in diverse contexts (e.g. art, education, business, sport, companies, the private sphere, etc.), through diverse channels (e.g. face-to-face interaction, on-line communication, published articles, performances, etc.), and as more or less relevant to diverse identities (e.g. linguistic, political, gendered, etc.). As in previous LD editions, interdisciplinarity will also be key for us. This time, in LD6, the collaboration and cross-fertilisation of knowledge will show in an organising and scientific team encompassing Philology, Psychology, Education, Business and Fine Arts, five areas representing the extremely enriching interdisciplinary make-up of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences in Teruel.

Call for papers here (www)

Key dates

First Call for Papers 20 January 2019
Second Call for Papers 18 February 2019
Deadline for submission of proposals 31 March 2019
Notification of acceptance/rejection of proposals 3 May 2019
Early bird registration Before 14 August 2019