#Corpuslinguistics webinars today and tomorrow @Anne0Keeffe


Thanks to Anne O’Keeffe


13:00 GMT today 26th November, 2015
“‘Appropriate methodologies for studying classroom discourse”
Prof. Steve Walsh, Newcastle University
Link to webinar: https://mic.adobeconnect.com/maallearnerdiscourse/

17:00 GMT tomorrow 27th November, 2015
“Using corpora to inform teaching and materials development”
Prof. Randi Reppen, Northern Arizona University

Link to webinar: https://mic.adobeconnect.com/maalissuesinlinguistics/
Recordings of these will be posted next week.

Recording of Prof. Ronald Carter’s webinar from yesterday on “From Spoken English to Written English: New worlds and new descriptions”
is available at: https://mic.adobeconnect.com/p1nz3skbvd6/