Multidimensional Analysis Tagger

The Multidimensional Analysis Tagger is a program for Windows that replicates Biber’s (1988) Variation across Speech and Writing tagger for the multidimensional functional analysis of English texts, generally applied for studies on text type or genre variation. The program can generate a grammatically annotated version of the corpus selected as well as the necessary statistics to perform a text-type or genre analysis. The program plots the input text or corpus on Biber’s (1988) Dimensions and determines its closest text type, as proposed by Biber (1989) A Typology of English Texts. Finally, the program offers a tool for visualising the Dimensions features of an input text.



Multi-dimensional analysis of oral proficiency interviews #cl2015



Shelley Staples; Jesse Egbert; Geoff LaFlair

A multi-dimensional comparison of oral proficiency interviews to conversation, academic and professional spoken registers

MELAB : Michigan Engish Language Battery 989 OPIs in 2013

OPI used for academic and profesional purposes

Only transcribed the first 5 minutes

55 linguistic features



6 factor solution

Dimensions interpreted functionally

Dimension scores

Differences across registers (ANOVAs and post hocs)


6 dimension

1. Explicit stance: private verbs, that deletion, lower rates of implicit stance that the Longman corpus

3. Speaker-centered informational vs listener centered involvement: pro1, subject-conj.causative, nn, amplifiers,

4. Extended informational discourse: word length, prep, jj atr, that rel, negative features: all pronouns

6. Implicit stance: higher rates of implicit stance that the Longman corpus



MA of L2 learner English

Corpus Linguistics 2015, University of Lancaster, 21-24 July


Yu Yuan:
“Exploring the variation in world Learner Englishes: A multidimensional analysis of L2 written corpora”

109 features included in the analysis


Can Biber’s model be extended?

How do features co-occur in learner English?



ICLE 1.0 (Granger, 2002)

SWEECL 2.0 (Wen & Wang, 2008)



MA tagger Nini (2014) Manual here. Software (Windows) here.

Stanford Corenlp


Pythin scripts



Kaisser’s criteria + Scree test for Factor Analysis



10 dimensions stand out

Dimensions are largely epistemological, rhetorical and syntactical.