Writing tools for researchers

This is a selection of resources for those wishing to improve their scientific and academic writing in English. It showcases a selection of max 30 online resources inluding online course, face to face courses, academic word lists, online data bases, concordancers, corpora as well as some diy tools.

Online courses

British Council Writing for a purpose

Face to face courses

V Escribir ciencia en inglés (Universidad de Murcia)

Word lists

AWL and definitions

Exploring contexts of AWL (dictionary-based) 

Test the AWL in your own papers or highlight them.

Online DBs

The Manchester Phrase Bank

Exploration tools:


Word neighbors

Babla (just for fun)

String net

Easy everyday colocations

Collocation forbetterenglish


Video talks

Webcorp (The web is your corpus)

Springer exemplar

Taporware tools (Alberta)


Antconc (Win, MacOS, lINUX)

Textstat (Windows & MacOS)

Deconstructing discourse

Clean your text 

Generate word lists (Input url)

Ngram Analyzer

Ngram Extractor

Web as a corpus (n-gram browser)

Online text comparator

Text-lex compare

Google books Ngram Viewer

Microsoft n-gram tool (just for fun and interesting lists of most frequent 100k words based on bing data mining)

Online corpora

Academic words in American English (Mark Davies COCA)

CRA (Corpus of Research Articles)




CQPweb portal

British Academic Written English Corpus (BAWE) Sketch engine gateway

BAWE corpus (Coventry site)

Do-it-yourself tools & Advanced users


Beautifulsoup parser (Python)

Avoid deduplication: Onion


Using COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English)

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