English ENCOW14 web corpus now available first release version #ENCOW14A #corpuslinguistics

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The English ENCOW14 web corpus is now available in its first release version ENCOW14A (16.8 GT full corpus, 9.6 GT shuffled). The shuffle version is completely free but available only to people working in the academia.

At the same time, we make available our new Colibri² web application hosted at webcorpora.org. It allows registered users to query the corpora or download the whole data sets. Colibri² also serves DECOW12AX
(German, 8.3 GT), NLCOW14AX (Dutch, 4.7 GT), SVCOW14AX (Swedish, 4.8 GT).

ENCOW14A was crawled in 2012 and 2014 in over 20 top-level domains, has undergone state-of-the-art deduplication, boilerplate removal, hyphenation repair and repair for run-together sentences (texrex). It is
annotated with POS (Penn/TreeTagger), lemma (TreeTagger), chunks (TreeTagger), as well as dependency relations (MaltParser, experimental). It contains the following meta data: URL, Last-Modified date, crawl date, country and city geolocation, and document quality score as well as paragraph boilerplate scores.

Download & web access via Colibri² (free registration required):

Corpus information:

COW is created at Freie Universität Berlin, German Grammar Group:

All processing specific to web documents was done with texrex:

ENCOW14 includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from:


Roland Schäfer (ENCOW14/COW), Felix Bildhauer (COW)