My top 10 impromptu reading list on corpus-based research

One of my RSLE students asked me if I could provide her with a reading list on corpus based research. Her interests are within teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. The list is for obvious reasons far from comprehensive. I’ve decided to choose those resources I’ve used in the past and which I have found of interest in my learning and research. I’ll keep this list simple and so I’ve just included 10 references. So here it is.


Introductions to Corpus Linguistics

McEnery, T., & Hardie, A. (2011). Corpus linguistics: Method, theory and practice. Cambridge University Press.

Sinclair, J. (1991). Corpus, concordance, collocation. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Corpus linguistics and linguistic research

Biber, D., & Conrad, S. (2009). Register, genre, and style. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Corpus linguistics and language teaching

Aijmer, K. (Ed.). (2009). Corpora and language teaching. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing.

O’Keefe, A., McCarthy, M., & Carter, R. (2007). From corpus to classroom. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Sinclair, J. M. (Ed.). (2004). How to use corpora in language teaching. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing.

Corpus linguistics and discourse analysis

Baker, P. (2006). Using corpora in discourse analysis. London: Continuum.

Baker, P., Gabrielatos, C., Khosravinik, M., Krzyżanowski, M., McEnery, T., & Wodak, R. (2008). A useful methodological synergy? Combining critical discourse analysis and corpus linguistics to examine discourses of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK press. Discourse & Society, 19(3), 273-306.

Chinese corpus-based linguistic research

Xiao, R., & McEnery, T. (2004). Aspect in Mandarin Chinese: A corpus-based study. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing.

Learner language research

Granger, S. Gilquin, G.  & Meunier, f. (eds). (2015) The Cambridge Handbook of Learner Corpus Research. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.