Multi-dimensional analysis of oral proficiency interviews #cl2015



Shelley Staples; Jesse Egbert; Geoff LaFlair

A multi-dimensional comparison of oral proficiency interviews to conversation, academic and professional spoken registers

MELAB : Michigan Engish Language Battery 989 OPIs in 2013

OPI used for academic and profesional purposes

Only transcribed the first 5 minutes

55 linguistic features



6 factor solution

Dimensions interpreted functionally

Dimension scores

Differences across registers (ANOVAs and post hocs)


6 dimension

1. Explicit stance: private verbs, that deletion, lower rates of implicit stance that the Longman corpus

3. Speaker-centered informational vs listener centered involvement: pro1, subject-conj.causative, nn, amplifiers,

4. Extended informational discourse: word length, prep, jj atr, that rel, negative features: all pronouns

6. Implicit stance: higher rates of implicit stance that the Longman corpus