Currently, number 1 on my wish (dream) list: free app turns conversations into searchable text

Source Mashable UK:

From Mashable:

Anyone who’s ever transcribed an audio interview into text knows what a painfully slow process that is. But with the new Otter app, created by a company called AI Sense, this could become a thing of the past, even when transcribing a complex conversation with several people speaking.

The app is simple to use: Start it up, and it’ll start turning the conversation around it into text. After a quick setup process, it knows when you are speaking, and it can distinguish between different voices in the conversation. You can also search it for certain terms that were mentioned in the conversation.The app is free, but a paid version is currently not a priority and is expected in the second half of 2018. “We want to encourage usage. We want to get a lot of users (…) We want to grow a healthy user base. (They) give us a lot of feedback, give us a lot of good training data so that we can improve our product and the end user experience,” Simon Lau, head of product at AI Sense, told me.