Writing your MPhil thesis: 5 tips

(1) Jacques Barzun: The act of writing is itself an exercise of thought. Writing is important. But thinking is essential. Read more here. Make sure your writing reflects criticality.

(2) Try to achieve clarity. Nobody has ever been criticized for writing that is too clear. Communicate your ideas in the simplest and most precise way possible. For your writing to be lucid, you as the writer need to know exactly what you’re trying to say. More tips on clarity here.

(3) There is not such a thing as enough editing. To achieve clarity you need to edit your writing. Chuck Wending: writing is when I make the words. Editing is when I make them not shitty.

(4) You think you´re done with your writing? Don´t think so. As your friends to read your manuscript. Re-read yourself. All writing is rewriting. Read more here.

(5) Belcher (2019) recommends the following micro-revising tips (my selection):

a. Don´t use 2 words where one will do.

b. Don´t use a pronoun when a noun would be clearer.

c. Don´t use an adjective or adverb unless you must.

d. Don´t use a general word when you can use a specific one.