Writing as a process and as a product in Computer-mediated Communication (CMC)

La escritura como proceso y como producto final en Computer-mediated Communication (CMC): aspectos lingüísticos, pragmáticos e interculturales

This two-year project has been recently funded by the University of Jaén (Spain) after undergoing external revision by a Spanish external evaluation agency. The main objective of this interdisciplinary project is to analyse from an interdisciplinary point of view (linguistic, pragmatic and intercultural) the written production by Spanish learners of English at University level taking a BA in English + Tourism when describing a piece of art in the foreign language in a tourist brochure format.

We are interested in considering both writing as a process and as a product in a collaborative environment with native speakers of the foreign language, since we want to examine the role played by peer correction. The final aim of this project is to design and pilot materials that may help the students in our degree to improve their writing skill and familiarize them with the most important aspects of the tourist brochure as a genre.


We would like to contact an English-speaking university which offers a BA degree with courses on Spanish and Tourism, so that the L1 English and L1 Spanish students share the interest for tourism and can describe a piece of art of their liking.

The tasks that your students will be required to do in autumn this year are as follows:

a) contact one of our Spanish university students (third-year students) by email so that the Spanish and the English /American students get in touch
b) use a collaborative-learning environment to help his/her peer to write his/her description in English on a piece of art by in a collaborative way by means of a platform which will be developed for such a purpose. We expect students to exchange feedback on various occasions until they reach a final version of the description
c) provide feedback on the errors found in the production by his/her Spanish peer.

If your students are interested or if you think this is a good opportunity for them to meet a Spanish student and get feedback from him / her in a friendly environment, your students are also encouraged to benefit from this experience and to do this writing task in their foreign/second language, i.e. Spanish. Consequently, they will also use the communicative-learning environment to write a description of a piece of art in their foreign/second language and receive feedback from so that his/her peer in an attempt to improve his/her competence in the foreign or second language.

Further information and contact:
Maria Belen Diez-Bedmar
Departamento de Filologia Inglesa
Universidad de Jaen
Paraje las Lagunillas
Edificio D-2
23071 Jaen
Tel: 953211818