Webinar: The Pedagogy of MOOCs -Fri 14 March 11.00 GMT

Open Education Week Webinar: The Pedagogy of MOOCs -Fri 14 March 11.00 GMT

Webinar on Friday 14 March from 11 am to 12noon GMT – The Pedagogy of MOOCs

Below is a schedule for the webinar. In addition to giving us a chance to discuss and argue MOOC pedagogies and shape where open education is going, this webinar is a kind of announcement of the eMundus project which, among other things, maps out cases of universities forming partnerships to help along open educational practices, worldwide (http://www.emundus-project.eu/). In fact, this blog post lists a whole series of eMundus-sparked webinars happening during Open Ed Week:


The webinar will happen via Adobe Connect (facilitated by Athabasca University in Canada) and the link to get in will be: