Using the CEFR: Principles of Good Practice @Cambridge_Uni




The CEFR is a comprehensive document, and as such, individual users can find it difficult to read and interpret. The Council of Europe has created a number of guidance documents to help in this interpretation. Helping you find your way around the CEFR and its supporting documents is one of our key aims in creating Using the CEFR: Principles of Good Practice. If you want a brief overview of the CEFR read Section 1 of this booklet. If you are a teacher or administrator working in an educational setting and would like guidance on using and interacting with the CEFR then reading Section 2 will be useful to you. If you want to find out about how Cambridge ESOL works with the CEFR then read Section 3. Each section is preceded by a page that signposts key further reading.

Here’s the CEFR online pubication.