Some follow-up questions Prof Pauline Rose Keynote


Discussion points (a suggestion)

-Your position as a researcher. Do you have one? Do you need one after all?

-How important is “critique” in your process to become a researcher or practice research?

-Why do you want to carry out research?

-How do you understand “evidence” in your own research project/practice?

-How do Research Questions come to life? What is a real-lefe issue in your case?

-Research “methodology”. Are you familiar with different approaches or are you more into one single specific research methods -data collection – analysis tradition?

-How do you go about deciding on “your” research method(s) in a research project? What needs to be accounted for?

-Were you familiar with the UK Data Archive? What can of research can these data inform?

-Education research: (big) challenges. How can we contribute to the debate? Issues around policy, evidence and (different) agendas.

-Ethics and research. Have you considered the many issues involved?

You can read about Prof Rose here.