Excel text functions

  • UPPER(cell_reference)
  • LOWER(cell_reference)
  • PROPER(cell_reference)
  • TRIM(text) 
  • EXACT(cell_reference1, cell_reference2) The result is True for an exact match or False for no match.
  • FIND(find, within, start_number) where the first two arguments are required. The start_number argument is optional and allows you to specify with which character position to start the search.
  • REPLACE(current_text, start_number, number_characters, new_text) where each argument is required. Let’s look at the details for the arguments. Current_text: The cell reference(s) for the current text; Start_number: The first character’s numeric position in the current text; Number_characters: The number of characters you want to replace; New_text: The new text to replace the current text.
  • SUBSTITUTE function to change the actual text rather than using a character’s position (cell_reference, current_text, new_text, instances) where all arguments are required except for instances. You can use instances to specify which occurrence in the text string to change.
  • Source: https://www.howtogeek.com/825231/how-to-split-and-extract-text-in-microsoft-excel/