Corpus linguistics & vocabulary learning



Recently, one of my students asked for some pointers in corpus linguistics and vocabulary learning. Here´s my top 5 impromptu list.

Sinclair, J. (2003). Reading concordances. An introduction. Harlow: Longman.

This is a great resource to fully understand the implications of using concordances to derive (linguistic) meaning.

Leńko-Szymańska, A. (2015). The English Vocabulary Profile as a benchmark for assigning levels to learner corpus data. Learner corpora in language testing and assessment, 115-140.

Interesting research that discusses the use of Cambridge Vocabulary Profile to sort ICCI learners into levels.

Schmitt, N., Cobb, T., Horst, M., & Schmitt, D. (2017). How much vocabulary is needed to use English? Replication of Van Zeeland & Schmitt (2012), Nation, (2006), and Cobb (2007). Language Teaching, 50(2), 212–226.

Excellent paper that makes use of corpus linguistics research methods to assess how much vocabulary do learners need to use English.

Schmitt, N. (2014). Size and depth of vocabulary knowledge: What the research shows. Language Learning, 64, 4, 913–951.

Great paper that discusses the many sides of vocabulary knowledge. Great if you need a start for vocabulary research in language education.

Jones, M. & Durran, P. (2010) What can a corpus tell us about vocabulary teaching materials? The Routledge handbook of corpus linguistics.

Hopefully, this chapter will help you bridge the gap between corpora as resources and language teaching. Very practical stuff. By the way, the whole Routledge Handbook of corpus linguistics is a superb resource.