Wordclouds of UK 2017 election manifestos

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Conservative party manifesto:


Labour party manifesto:


Libdem party manifesto:


Wordclouds generated with http://www.wordclouds.com/ 

Read my research on the construction of immigrants in the UK legislation and admin informative texts:

Constructing immigrants in UK legislation and Administration informative texts: A corpus-driven study (2007–2011), Discourse & Society, 28,1,81-103

Amazing resources (Dec 2015): Poetry by heart



tiger tiger

From the original webiste:

Poetry By Heart is a UK national competition designed to encourage pupils aged 14-18 and at school and college in England to learn and to recite poems by heart. Not in an arm-waving, props-supported thespian extravaganza, but as the outward and audible manifestation of an inwardly-understood and enjoyed poem.

Poetry By Heart successfully engages young people from diverse social backgrounds and all types of school in personal discovery of the pleasures of poetry. Each pupil is challenged to memorise and recite two poems – one published before 1914 and one in or after 1914 or one from a special collection of World War 1 poems as part of the centenary commemorations.. Pupils choose these from the timeline anthology of over 600 years of poetry on this website. In 2015-16, for the Grand Finals, contestants will recite a third poem.

The competition is a pyramid of participation from individual classrooms to whole school/college contests, then county contests, regional semi-finals and the grand final, to be held at Homerton College, Cambridge on March 17th – 19th 2016. In the process, pupils foster deep personal connections with the poems chosen and bring poetry alive for their friends, families and communities.



My insight:

What I found truly amazing here is the collection of poems than can be read, heard, read out aloud or copied, ranging from 1000 to Andre Motion’s 2014 stuff. The section Poetry for children is a wonderful resource (I want to be a child here, not a grown up any more), top quality design and truly engaging. The timeline is really inspiring.


Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail


Use arrow keys to view messages and start composing

While viewing your messages, use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move your cursor to a conversation, label or the compose button. Press Enter to select.

Move between messages in a conversation

While viewing a conversation, use n and p to go the next and previous messages in a conversation thread. HitEnter to open or collapse a message.

Navigate in compose

Use the following combinations of keys when you have compose windows or chats open.Shortcut Key Definition Action
Ctrl + Enter
Mac: ⌘ + Enter Send message After composing your message, use this combination to send it.

Ctrl + . Mac: ⌘ + . Advance to next window Use this shortcut to move the cursor to the next chat or compose window, or to the main window.

Ctrl + , Mac: ⌘ + , Go to previous window Use this shortcut to move the cursor to the previous chat or compose window, or to the main window.

Ctrl + Shift + c Mac: ⌘ + Shift + c Add Cc recipients While composing, takes you to the Cc field to add new recipients.

Ctrl + Shift + b Mac: ⌘ + Shift + b Add Bcc recipients While composing, takes you to the Bcc field to add new blind recipients.

Ctrl + Shift + f Mac: ⌘ + Shift + f Change “from” address While composing, takes you to the From field to change your sending address. This shortcut only works if you have configured additional sending addresses.

Shift + Esc Focus main window Use this shortcut to move the cursor to the main window.

More on formatting and colours.

Source: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6594?hl=en