New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges



BAAL / Cambridge University Press Applied Linguistics Seminar Programme 2015-2016 and COST Action IS1306

New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges

New plurilingual pathways for integration: Immigrants and language learning in the 21st Century

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 26th & 27th May 2016

The 21st Century is witnessing increased discussions on immigration in local, national and international contexts. The aim of this seminar is to bridge the study of language and immigration and consider the extent to which immigrants learning new languages (which include learning majority, minority and/or heritage languages) may contribute to a more comprehensive and plurilingual view of integration today.

The proceedings will be directed by key themes and objectives as follows:
• What are the opportunities and challenges for immigrants who learn new languages?
• To what extent do immigrant speakers challenge current conceptions of integration, cohesion and citizenship?
• Which steps or initiatives could facilitate a more comprehensive view of integration, cohesion and citizenship in national and minority language contexts?

Confirmed plenary speakers:
Professor Máiréad Nic Craith (Heriot-Watt University)
Professor Alison Phipps (University of Glasgow)

Round table discussion: Immigration in the 21st century: language, integration and citizenship
Professor Diarmait Mac Giolla Chríost (Cardiff University)
Professor Bernadette O’Rourke (Heriot-Watt University)
Dr Cassie Smith-Christmas (University of the Highlands and Islands)

Workshop: Immigrants, integration and multilingual practices in the UK
Ms Mirona Moraru (Cardiff University)

Fee: This is a free event and lunch will be provided on both days

Please submit an abstract of no more than 350 words (including references) by 29th February 2016 to

Contact details (name, affiliation and email address) should be included in the body of the email together with the title.

Please also indicate whether you wish to present a paper or a poster. We intend to publish an edited volume based on the seminar papers and therefore encourage participation from those who are in a position to contribute to the volume.