@CALICOnsortium conference 2017 Multilingualism and Digital Literacies NAU May 16-20



CALICO 2017 34th ANNUAL CONFERENCE Multilingualism and Digital Literacies

Northern Arizona University
May 16-20
Workshops: Tuesday, May 16 – Wednesday, May 17, and Saturday, May 20
Opening Reception and Keynote: Wednesday, May 17
Presentation Sessions: Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 19
Technology Showcase and Poster Session: Thursday, May 18


CALICO is a professional organization whose members research the informed and innovative uses of technology in foreign/second language learning and teaching. CALICO’s conferences bring together educators, administrators, materials developers, researchers, government representatives, vendors of hardware and software, and others interested in the field of computer-assisted language learning. Proposals may explore the conference theme or address any area of technology pertaining to language learning and teaching. Presentations may be in either traditional or practitioner research styles, grounded in theory and/or methodology, covering topics in language acquisition and integration of software and technology into the learning environment. A formal paper need not accompany a presentation at the conference. However, presenters are encouraged to submit a formal paper for review to the CALICO Journal, on the same topic (or any other).
The proposal and its guidelines will require the following information: title, type of presentation, 100-word abstract, 300-word description, presenter/co-presenter contact information, and technology needs.
Five types of presentation formats are available:
Workshop (pre- or post-conference, hands-on; half-day, full-day or two-day presenter’s choice)
Technology Showcase (a two-hour informal event during one evening of the conference)
Poster Session (in conjunction with the Showcase)
Presentation (30-minute individual presentation)
Panel discussion (90-minute regular presentation designed for multiple presentations and presenters on a specific topic)