Lengua Inglesa III

This is the weblog page for Lengua Inglesa III, Group B, Facultad de Letras, UMU.

Here you find the syllabus. You may also want to download the following:

Ficha Lengua Inglesa III GB

ECTS evaluation scheme

Term 1 planning for Lengua Inglesa III GB

Aims of Lengua Inglesa III


Wednesday: 10:00 – 12:00 Classroom 1.6 and 2.8

Thursday: 11:00 – 12:00 Classroom 2.4

Writing assignments

Writing 1

Read Leo Jones’ p. 13 text and summarize David Stafford’s ironic outlook on playing a musical instrument. Use your own words. 200-300 WORDS.

Deadline: Wed. 24 October / No handwriting please! Only word-processed assignments will be accepted

Writing 2

(December 12). Comparative essay.

The role of accents in the Spanish and the English speaking worlds. (Unit 4)

Information on how to approach a comparing/contrasting essay at The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chaper Hill. It includes a nice list of words to use.

Writing 3: (February): argumentative essay. Murcia should be a tourist region. Discuss. (Unit 6)
Writing 4: (May): argumentative essay. Progressive vs. traditional methods in education. May 11th. Unit 9
Writing 5: (June): argumentative essay.There is no future for reading. June 8th. Unit 11.




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