SACODEYL focuses on spoken interviews with British, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Rumanian and Spanish teenagers between 13 and 18 years of age. The interview transcripts are stored in online corpora pedagogically annotated and enriched for language learning and teaching purposes.

SACODEYL adopts a “small pedagogic corpus” approach. Each of the seven corpora – English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Rumanian and Spanish – contains 20 to 25 video-recorded interviews of about 10 minutes each.

To ensure thematic comparability, a common set of interview questions was used, covering a wide range of topics including: personal information, home and family, present and past living routines, hobbies and interests, holidays, school and education, job experiences, plans for the future, open discussion topics.

A SACODEYL corpus consists of orthographical interview transcripts in XML format. Each transcript is structured on the basis of short thematic sections and annotated with regard to pedagogically relevant characteristics, e.g. topic, grammatical and lexical properties, discourse markers and CEF level.

For pedagogic support, access to various web-based enrichment resources is provided via direct links and resource sheets. This includes in particular

  • the interview sound & video files,
  • ready-made online learning modules created with Telos Language Partner,
  • suggestions for explorative & communicative activities in a classroom and/or Moodle-based e-learning environment.

You can download the SACODEYL XML files here.








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