Brown corpus text categories


A Standard Corpus of Present-Day Edited American English, for use with Digital Computers.

by W. N. Francis and H. Kucera (1964)
Department of Linguistics, Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Revised 1971, Revised and Amplified 1979

Distributed with the permission of the copyright holder,
redistribution permitted.

Text categories

ca01 news
ca02 news
ca03 news
ca04 news
ca05 news
ca06 news
ca07 news
ca08 news
ca09 news
ca10 news
ca11 news
ca12 news
ca13 news
ca14 news
ca15 news
ca16 news
ca17 news
ca18 news
ca19 news
ca20 news
ca21 news
ca22 news
ca23 news
ca24 news
ca25 news
ca26 news
ca27 news
ca28 news
ca29 news
ca30 news
ca31 news
ca32 news
ca33 news
ca34 news
ca35 news
ca36 news
ca37 news
ca38 news
ca39 news
ca40 news
ca41 news
ca42 news
ca43 news
ca44 news
cb01 editorial
cb02 editorial
cb03 editorial
cb04 editorial
cb05 editorial
cb06 editorial
cb07 editorial
cb08 editorial
cb09 editorial
cb10 editorial
cb11 editorial
cb12 editorial
cb13 editorial
cb14 editorial
cb15 editorial
cb16 editorial
cb17 editorial
cb18 editorial
cb19 editorial
cb20 editorial
cb21 editorial
cb22 editorial
cb23 editorial
cb24 editorial
cb25 editorial
cb26 editorial
cb27 editorial
cc01 reviews
cc02 reviews
cc03 reviews
cc04 reviews
cc05 reviews
cc06 reviews
cc07 reviews
cc08 reviews
cc09 reviews
cc10 reviews
cc11 reviews
cc12 reviews
cc13 reviews
cc14 reviews
cc15 reviews
cc16 reviews
cc17 reviews
cd01 religion
cd02 religion
cd03 religion
cd04 religion
cd05 religion
cd06 religion
cd07 religion
cd08 religion
cd09 religion
cd10 religion
cd11 religion
cd12 religion
cd13 religion
cd14 religion
cd15 religion
cd16 religion
cd17 religion
ce01 hobbies
ce02 hobbies
ce03 hobbies
ce04 hobbies
ce05 hobbies
ce06 hobbies
ce07 hobbies
ce08 hobbies
ce09 hobbies
ce10 hobbies
ce11 hobbies
ce12 hobbies
ce13 hobbies
ce14 hobbies
ce15 hobbies
ce16 hobbies
ce17 hobbies
ce18 hobbies
ce19 hobbies
ce20 hobbies
ce21 hobbies
ce22 hobbies
ce23 hobbies
ce24 hobbies
ce25 hobbies
ce26 hobbies
ce27 hobbies
ce28 hobbies
ce29 hobbies
ce30 hobbies
ce31 hobbies
ce32 hobbies
ce33 hobbies
ce34 hobbies
ce35 hobbies
ce36 hobbies
cf01 lore
cf02 lore
cf03 lore
cf04 lore
cf05 lore
cf06 lore
cf07 lore
cf08 lore
cf09 lore
cf10 lore
cf11 lore
cf12 lore
cf13 lore
cf14 lore
cf15 lore
cf16 lore
cf17 lore
cf18 lore
cf19 lore
cf20 lore
cf21 lore
cf22 lore
cf23 lore
cf24 lore
cf25 lore
cf26 lore
cf27 lore
cf28 lore
cf29 lore
cf30 lore
cf31 lore
cf32 lore
cf33 lore
cf34 lore
cf35 lore
cf36 lore
cf37 lore
cf38 lore
cf39 lore
cf40 lore
cf41 lore
cf42 lore
cf43 lore
cf44 lore
cf45 lore
cf46 lore
cf47 lore
cf48 lore
cg01 belles_lettres
cg02 belles_lettres
cg03 belles_lettres
cg04 belles_lettres
cg05 belles_lettres
cg06 belles_lettres
cg07 belles_lettres
cg08 belles_lettres
cg09 belles_lettres
cg10 belles_lettres
cg11 belles_lettres
cg12 belles_lettres
cg13 belles_lettres
cg14 belles_lettres
cg15 belles_lettres
cg16 belles_lettres
cg17 belles_lettres
cg18 belles_lettres
cg19 belles_lettres
cg20 belles_lettres
cg21 belles_lettres
cg22 belles_lettres
cg23 belles_lettres
cg24 belles_lettres
cg25 belles_lettres
cg26 belles_lettres
cg27 belles_lettres
cg28 belles_lettres
cg29 belles_lettres
cg30 belles_lettres
cg31 belles_lettres
cg32 belles_lettres
cg33 belles_lettres
cg34 belles_lettres
cg35 belles_lettres
cg36 belles_lettres
cg37 belles_lettres
cg38 belles_lettres
cg39 belles_lettres
cg40 belles_lettres
cg41 belles_lettres
cg42 belles_lettres
cg43 belles_lettres
cg44 belles_lettres
cg45 belles_lettres
cg46 belles_lettres
cg47 belles_lettres
cg48 belles_lettres
cg49 belles_lettres
cg50 belles_lettres
cg51 belles_lettres
cg52 belles_lettres
cg53 belles_lettres
cg54 belles_lettres
cg55 belles_lettres
cg56 belles_lettres
cg57 belles_lettres
cg58 belles_lettres
cg59 belles_lettres
cg60 belles_lettres
cg61 belles_lettres
cg62 belles_lettres
cg63 belles_lettres
cg64 belles_lettres
cg65 belles_lettres
cg66 belles_lettres
cg67 belles_lettres
cg68 belles_lettres
cg69 belles_lettres
cg70 belles_lettres
cg71 belles_lettres
cg72 belles_lettres
cg73 belles_lettres
cg74 belles_lettres
cg75 belles_lettres
ch01 government
ch02 government
ch03 government
ch04 government
ch05 government
ch06 government
ch07 government
ch08 government
ch09 government
ch10 government
ch11 government
ch12 government
ch13 government
ch14 government
ch15 government
ch16 government
ch17 government
ch18 government
ch19 government
ch20 government
ch21 government
ch22 government
ch23 government
ch24 government
ch25 government
ch26 government
ch27 government
ch28 government
ch29 government
ch30 government
cj01 learned
cj02 learned
cj03 learned
cj04 learned
cj05 learned
cj06 learned
cj07 learned
cj08 learned
cj09 learned
cj10 learned
cj11 learned
cj12 learned
cj13 learned
cj14 learned
cj15 learned
cj16 learned
cj17 learned
cj18 learned
cj19 learned
cj20 learned
cj21 learned
cj22 learned
cj23 learned
cj24 learned
cj25 learned
cj26 learned
cj27 learned
cj28 learned
cj29 learned
cj30 learned
cj31 learned
cj32 learned
cj33 learned
cj34 learned
cj35 learned
cj36 learned
cj37 learned
cj38 learned
cj39 learned
cj40 learned
cj41 learned
cj42 learned
cj43 learned
cj44 learned
cj45 learned
cj46 learned
cj47 learned
cj48 learned
cj49 learned
cj50 learned
cj51 learned
cj52 learned
cj53 learned
cj54 learned
cj55 learned
cj56 learned
cj57 learned
cj58 learned
cj59 learned
cj60 learned
cj61 learned
cj62 learned
cj63 learned
cj64 learned
cj65 learned
cj66 learned
cj67 learned
cj68 learned
cj69 learned
cj70 learned
cj71 learned
cj72 learned
cj73 learned
cj74 learned
cj75 learned
cj76 learned
cj77 learned
cj78 learned
cj79 learned
cj80 learned
ck01 fiction
ck02 fiction
ck03 fiction
ck04 fiction
ck05 fiction
ck06 fiction
ck07 fiction
ck08 fiction
ck09 fiction
ck10 fiction
ck11 fiction
ck12 fiction
ck13 fiction
ck14 fiction
ck15 fiction
ck16 fiction
ck17 fiction
ck18 fiction
ck19 fiction
ck20 fiction
ck21 fiction
ck22 fiction
ck23 fiction
ck24 fiction
ck25 fiction
ck26 fiction
ck27 fiction
ck28 fiction
ck29 fiction
cl01 mystery
cl02 mystery
cl03 mystery
cl04 mystery
cl05 mystery
cl06 mystery
cl07 mystery
cl08 mystery
cl09 mystery
cl10 mystery
cl11 mystery
cl12 mystery
cl13 mystery
cl14 mystery
cl15 mystery
cl16 mystery
cl17 mystery
cl18 mystery
cl19 mystery
cl20 mystery
cl21 mystery
cl22 mystery
cl23 mystery
cl24 mystery
cm01 science_fiction
cm02 science_fiction
cm03 science_fiction
cm04 science_fiction
cm05 science_fiction
cm06 science_fiction
cn01 adventure
cn02 adventure
cn03 adventure
cn04 adventure
cn05 adventure
cn06 adventure
cn07 adventure
cn08 adventure
cn09 adventure
cn10 adventure
cn11 adventure
cn12 adventure
cn13 adventure
cn14 adventure
cn15 adventure
cn16 adventure
cn17 adventure
cn18 adventure
cn19 adventure
cn20 adventure
cn21 adventure
cn22 adventure
cn23 adventure
cn24 adventure
cn25 adventure
cn26 adventure
cn27 adventure
cn28 adventure
cn29 adventure
cp01 romance
cp02 romance
cp03 romance
cp04 romance
cp05 romance
cp06 romance
cp07 romance
cp08 romance
cp09 romance
cp10 romance
cp11 romance
cp12 romance
cp13 romance
cp14 romance
cp15 romance
cp16 romance
cp17 romance
cp18 romance
cp19 romance
cp20 romance
cp21 romance
cp22 romance
cp23 romance
cp24 romance
cp25 romance
cp26 romance
cp27 romance
cp28 romance
cp29 romance
cr01 humor
cr02 humor
cr03 humor
cr04 humor
cr05 humor
cr06 humor
cr07 humor
cr08 humor
cr09 humor