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EU students

No deal, no rights for EU citizens

This means that EU citizens arriving in the U.K. after 29/03/2019 (and those who were here before but their continuous residence was broken) will need, for the first time in decades, permission to be in the U.K. or face the wrath of the Home Office.
Ending free movement: a Tory obsession

You´re deluded

The settled status scheme

The UK govt want to strip us EU citizens of our existing rights protections *without* ensuring we retain rights protection in legislation.

Insomnia, panic attacks, constant worry – the life of Britain’s EU citizens

Last week the Home Office launched an app for EU citizens, but it has spread anxiety

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EU citizens after Brexit, the GVT view

This is getting too nasty…

Pack of lies

All the lies of the Leave vote campaign (actually only some of them)