After a research stay in the University of Texas at Austin, I completed a PhD in Applied Linguistics in 1999 in the University of Murcia, Spain.  I am a Professor in Linguistics & Applied Linguistics at the University of Murcia and a Lecturer in Research in Second Language Education at the University of Cambridge. I am also an Official Translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. My main research interests are quantitative research of register variation, the compilation and use of language corpora and the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies in the field of applied linguistics. I have been project coordinator of a MINERVA initiative funded by the European Commission SACODEYL; coordinator in Spain of Corpora for Content & Language Integrated Learning, a LLP K2 Transversal programme, responsible for the Spanish EFL component of the Louvain International Database of Spoken English Interlanguage (UCL) and research member of the The International Corpus of Crosslinguistic Interlanguage (TUFS, Japan). I am currently an Associate Editor of ReCALL


Some of my publications include the co-edition of Software-aided analysis of language, with Mike Scott and research papers on JCR-indexed journals such as ReCALL, the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, System, Language, Learning and Technology or CALL, all of them dealing with the interplay of language corpora, language analysis and language education. In 2009 and 2010, I was a Research Fellow with the English Department in Northern Arizona University, developing research with Douglas Biber and Randi Reppen. Pascual Pérez-Paredes was the Principal Investigator (PI) for Languages for specific purposes, language corpora, and English linguistics applied to knowledge engineering at UMU. My book Researching Specialized Languages, co-edited with V. Bhatia and P. Sánchez, John Benjamins , was awarded the “Enrique Alcaraz” research award by the European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes in 2013. I served as the Chair of the Corpus CALL SIG at Eurocall.

In early 2011, I was appointed Campus Mare Nostrum Coordinator for the University of Murcia. From February 2012 up to April 2014, I served as the General Coordinator of Campus Mare Nostrum. Campus Mare Nostrum is part of the Spanish Excellence Programme, a strategy that seeks to to boost research and quality teaching in Spanish Universities. Before my resignation, the program had obtained an A from the International Committee.

On a more personal note, I am an undergradute computer scientist and passionate for digital culture and computers.

My latest “enterprise”: TELL-OP Transforming European Learner Language into Learning Opportunities, a KA 2 Strategic Partnership funded by the OAPEE (2014-2017).

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My latest international project is now VGCLIL:


Some pics: AELFE 2008, (1 and 2) La Manga del Mar Menor, with keynote speakers Douglas Biber, Gillian Lazar and John Flowerdew and friends Purificación Sánchez and Jose Mª Alcaraz, at the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa at TUFS, Japan,  Teaching and Language Corpora 2008, and another set, ISLA, Lisbon, Spoken Learner Corpus Colloquium, Internartional Seminar of Corpus Linguistics, Granada, 2008, Louvain-la-Neuve, 24-25 January 2008, Corpus Linguistics Confrence 2007, University of Birmingham, ICAME 2001.

Plenary speaker AESLA 2011 Conference (University of Salamanca):


At the Apple Store in San Francisco, CA, one of my favorite places:

Around 2005, in a coordinators’ meeting in Brussels:

At the European Commission, Brussels