CFP Pragmatic strategies in non-native Englishes




Pragmatic strategies in non-native Englishes
ESSE Conference 2016

Galway (Ireland), 22-26 August 2016

We are glad to announce a Call for Papers for the Seminar Pragmatic strategies in non-native Englishes (see description below) to be held at the ESSE-13 Conference in Galway (August 22-26 2016).

Interested authors must submit paper proposals (title and 250 word abstract) by February 28, 2016 to the two convenors:

Lieven Buysse, KU Leuven (University of Leuven).
Jesús Romero-Trillo, UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).
Paper acceptance will be notified by March 31, 2016.

Seminar description

Research on non-native speech has long been dominated by an emphasis on lexical and grammatical patterns. At the same time the various types of non-native varieties of English have often been treated from these perspectives too. To broaden the scope, this seminar wishes to explore the variety of discourse pragmatic strategies employed in non-native Englishes, encompassing second language (ESL), learner (EFL) and lingua franca varieties of English (ELF). Papers can focus on any pragmatic feature that helps to shape discourse and/or facilitates interaction (e.g. pragmatic markers, politeness phenomena, prosody). The research must be based on solid corpus data.