This is the most dangerous time for our planet by Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking on our world today, from economy to Brexit, from Trump to inequality.

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[…] we need to break down, not build up, barriers within and between nations. If we are to stand a chance of doing that, the world’s leaders need to acknowledge that they have failed and are failing the many. With resources increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, we are going to have to learn to share far more than at present.

We can do this, I am an enormous optimist for my species; but it will require the elites, from London to Harvard, from Cambridge to Hollywood, to learn the lessons of the past year. To learn above all a measure of humility.

Life before and after Facebook @guardian


Children are reluctant to admit it, but after a bad day at school it might be a relief to have a place where the online world cannot reach you. The problem is whether the home can any longer offer that peace and quiet. It is as if the walls are no longer solid but permeable. Somehow the outside world now penetrates inside the average family home because of this continual contact with peers and others.

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